- - EDITION 5: MARCH 12, 2017 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: atWar News
Section 2: Satire and Gossip
Section 3: Player of The Month (PoTM)
Section 4: Weekly Competition

"Read what your heart desires" - Someone

atWar News
A new season has begun, congratulations to Epic Clan for stopping Aristokrats's winning streak, as Epic Clan were 1st place last season. So far we see Illyria first, Aristokrats second and the newly created clan Hybrid Warfare at third place. The well respected clan, Mortal Kombat, has also been revived for this season. They are currently at 4th place, with a total of 10 clan wars so far. Mystics have also returned as well, although they do not appear to be active in the CW field.

We also saw the ban of a highly skilled atWar player, Opi. Although this ban was only for a day, many atWar users quickly formed the #FreeOpi movement in support of him.

Satire and Gossip
Season end, new season start.
Hdrakon got banned, and that way, mystics (one of the most active clans) got inactive???
Inactive moderator decided to make one active clan dead, we are all happy now I guess.
Editors Note: Pavel is salty.

Italian mafia made by Balkan players is back! Lets just hope they don't all want to become Albanian like Nero.

"History of At Warian religions, cults, history, and everything else"
Our cute rank 8 player started writing book about AtWar religions.
In there we can see bunch of fake prophet, but who cares?

Screenshot of the week:

Player of The Month (PoTM)
The atWar Press is introducing: Player of The Month reward! (credits to Wheelo)

What is this exactly? Well, on the last Sunday of each month we'll be announcing the Player of The Month.
How will they be picked? This is still being debated upon.
What will their reward be? A trophy and some Protocoins. If you have any suggestions on how we should elect our PoTM then feel free to comment below, we'll be welcoming any helpful suggestions! We won't be picking a PoTM for February, but on the last Sunday of this month we'll be picking one for March.

Weekly Competition
The atWar Press is also introducing Weekly Competitions. A winner will be decided each week and will be rewarded with Protocoins.

This week's competition is: conquer as many neutral countries in 3 turns with the settings 5k funds, extra cities, any strategy, with upgrades.

Please provide picture evidence of you fulfilling the requirements. To enter this competition just post your results on this post, along with the picture evidence of you complying with the rules. If you have any suggestions for future competitions then feel free to comment.

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Formatting and Editing: Darkmace

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"The re-tale store"



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12.03.2017 - 09:38
As promised, welcome to this weeks issue of The atWar Press! Looking forward for your comments to help us improve.
You are the product of everything you fear.
12.03.2017 - 10:49


12.03.2017 - 10:51
14.03.2017 - 03:13
Waited 2 years for this ? Do better
17.03.2017 - 00:20
Surprised this wasnt locked for mentioning hdrakon xaxaxaxa
17.03.2017 - 13:44
Your not specific enough on what the weekly comp is... Can we have multiple players in the game? How many initial countries can we start with? Can we put rare unit chance on high?

But I'll just assume the answer to that question, is no, 1, and no.
18.03.2017 - 17:34

(19 - Could've got more, but not really trying).
27.03.2017 - 04:53
Where is press #6

Who is PoTM

And also improve your gossips content..its boring..
02.04.2017 - 17:18
Rip atwar press
03.04.2017 - 08:37
LoL. There was a huge demand on this broken game! Can't even get through a game without disconnecting 500 times or getting booted for fifteen minutes, but hell, I'll read the AtWar Press!!
08.04.2017 - 19:38
Great. congrats epic clan. now get me a f'n mapmaker up and running.
09.04.2017 - 15:15
Kirjutas redthunder, 08.04.2017 at 19:38

Great. congrats epic clan. now get me a f'n mapmaker up and running.

the map maker is fixed (the silverlight one) works fine...
09.04.2017 - 16:15
No. i cant get it to save any progress.
11.04.2017 - 08:23
Kirjutas redthunder, 09.04.2017 at 16:15

No. i cant get it to save any progress.

With the silvrlight you can
11.04.2017 - 12:01
I have tried it with silverlight. it just aint working. maybe my browser or something. idk. thanks
Täna - 17:46
19 cpuntries but i think i can more
i cant put extra cities
Täna - 17:49

Täna - 18:03
So you didnt tell that the 3 turns must be the first 3
and if someone of the other players send me money?what about if an other player bomb the cap?
or if the layer make 0 troops cities and then left the country willbe natural
on 3 turns i can take all the world but not the first 3
nvm if i do something like this,will it befair? just take a prize cause i am creative?
Täna - 18:33
Capture enemy's πρωτευουσα και κρατηστε την...... ΑΧΑΧΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΧΑΑΧΧΑΑΧΑΧΧΑΧΑ nice translation. go greeks go!

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