During the next few days, we'll be moving to a new server. We'll try everything we can to make it as smooth as possible, but please don't panic if you encounter some weird things around that time. At some point we'll also need to disable map and scenario editing to avoid any glitches. Sorry for the inconvenience, and bear with us, we'll keep you posted about the progress.

UPDATE: Server move is complete. It looks like everything went as expected. Thanks for your patience everyone!

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As most of you probably have already noticed, we've constantly being DDoS'd, hence all the lags and server downtime. Please stay put, we're working on the solution to this.

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We've added some cool new features, check them out:

  • "Capture neutral country" victory condition is back, now works with custom maps and scenarios.

  • New advanced options for games: disable strategy and disable upgrades. This can be used for tournaments, for example.

  • Added the list of Moderators to the contacts menu.

  • Player status in the player info menu shows player's location in game, if the player is offline or AFK. AFK can also be set/unset by the /afk chat command.

  • Player's local time now shows in profiles (if the player has set it).

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    As proposed by TopHats, here are a few tweaks to the strategies:

    Relentless Attack:
    Removed -1 attack for Infantry (doesn't change now)

    -1 defence to all units (was -2).

    Master of Stealth:
    -40 cost for Marines (was -30)

    Great Combinator:
    Added -10 cost for Tanks
    Removed +1 attack and +1 defence for Tanks and Infantry
    Added +1 HP for Tanks and Infantry

    Translations for Great Combinator description had to be removed, since they've become incorrect.

    Full discussion is here

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    We've heard many requests for personalized signatures to use on other websites/forums. Today, we deliver! Here's are a couple of examples, my signature and TopHats' (which clearly shows how much atWar devs suck at their own game):

    The data is updated once an hour; the background image is loaded randomly (currently there are 4 different ones). In addition to having a cool signature, you will also get 1 SP for every person who sees it (AW forum won't count).

    Check out the links and codes on the front page or in your profiles.

    Feel the signature can be improved? Post your ideas here!

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    Good news for all members without the Game Options Pack, because for the last week of July (25th to the 31st) everyone will have the Game Options Pack. So for this time everyone can enjoy the features of the Game Option Pack.

    Features of the Game Options Pack are:
    • Create private and team games
    • Create games based on custom maps and scenarios
    • Create games for 20 players, set min/max rank
    • More advanced settings for games

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    We now have the radio player for our very own atWar Radio built into the game!
    And that's not all, we also have the new chat channel for radio-related talks (general talk, song requests, etc.)
    The original radio website will also stay, but will be redesigned and fitted with the new player.
    In addition to all that, the chat filters (check boxes next to the chat channels) are now saved, so you don't need to re-tick them everytime you re-login.

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    • Fixed scenario colors bug (info)
    • Added 'Available SP' to the upgrades menu
    • Added link button to the chat. It will show up next to the message when it contains a link in it. Should make it easier to open links from the chat.
    • Any in-game links will now open in a new tab instead of a new window and shouldn't get blocked by the popup blocker anymore.

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    Good news for people sitting on piles of ProtoCoins and not knowing how to spend them - today we introduce cool new Proto-goodies:

  • Incognito mode - hide your account details (name, rank, etc.) from other players.

  • SP boost (x1.5) - multiply your SP at the end of your games. Available for 1/7/30 day periods. Old single-use boosts are still available in game (Players -> SP pool menu).

  • Promote your map or scenario - put your map or scenario on top of the list (click 'Promote' in map/scenario details screen). Good option for map-makers who want their maps and scenarios to get noticed.

  • Promote your game - put your active game on top of the list (click 'Promote' in the game settings menu). Promotion will last while joining the game is possible.

    Loe rohkem ››

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    So we've added some cool new ProtoCoin-related features!

    One is the so-called "Random ProtoCoin Drop". By simply winning the game you now have a chance of earning up to 150 200 ProtoCoins. You will see a relevant message in the game events.

    And another one is the long-awaited Upgrades Reset feature. For 500 ProtoCoins you can now reset all your upgrades with just one click of a button, getting back all the precious SP that you've spent on them. Located in the upgrades menu in-game.

    Stay tuned, there's plenty more to come!

    PS: Don't forget to update the translations, since we've added a few more terms. Cheers!

    EDIT: more ProtoCoin-related generosity - we just handed out 50 ProtoCoins to everybody. All new users will receive 50 PC as well upon registration.

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